The Hades Contract

Ken Mooney brings the demons and the Greek gods back to our world in the exciting sequel to GODHEAD.

Olympus has been restored, and demons ravage the world once more.

Aphrodite, ally to the demons for so long, has eaten of the sacred tree, her full powers restored; Hannah Noakes, daughter of Hera, claimed her birthright with a bloody murder that may be the loss of her soul. And Unity Vaughan has risen from the dead with the power to defeat a goddess.

To a dead god-king, they are all part of a bigger plan, a plan that is older than the city, older even than the gods.

Deep beneath Olympus, bound by the crystal roots of an impossible tree, the Father of Demons stirs.


The Hades Contract¬†was published July 2015 and is exclusive to Amazon Kindle and the Kindle app. The book is a direct sequel to Godhead,¬†but if you’re feeling adventurous, can be read alone.


The Hades Contract is available now exclusively on Amazon Kindle.