Tackling The Issue

“Garrett O’Mahony would like to be your friend on Facebook.”

This is new. This is something I never expected to happen. 

Garrett has ignored me for the best part of a decade, ever since we lived together, ever since he snuck out of my life, too afraid to admit who he was and how he felt.

Now, Garrett O’Mahony is one of the best rugby players Ireland has seen in years. Back then, he was my roommate; back then, he was just another Irish-man desperately trying to convince himself that he wasn’t gay.

I’ve changed since then. Ireland has changed since then. I don’t know if Garrett has changed too. But I guess there’s only one way to find out?

Tackling The Issue was originally published in 2015 as a very different sort of work, looking at gay sex and sexuality. With a specific focus on living in Ireland after the Marriage Equality referendum, the book is part romance, part psychological study, looking at the regret, anger fear and internalised homophobia that still lingers in the LGBTQ community.

Tackling The Issue

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