Reviews & Awards


Godhead was awarded a gold medal in April 2013 honours.


“Imagine what would happen in a mash-up of The X-Men, Percy Jackson, and Nicholas Flamel, with a dash of Homer just for the fun of it. ”

Lizzie Ross, The Kindle Book Review


“Mooney’s Godhead is a written, modern reflection of such idyllic classics as Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey with an action sensibility better suited for the 21st century remake of the 80’s mythological phenom. Clash of the Titans. ”

Eli Constant, Author (Dead Trees, Mastic, DRAG.N)


“The news on this one is – its GOOD.”

Liz Wilkins,


“GODHEAD is such an impressive mix of Greek mythology, fantasy and horror that I’m sure this book will stay with me long after I’ve finished reading it.”

Ivan Amverlake, Author (The Beholder, Diary Of The Gone)


“The description and destruction of Olympus is graphic and believable. The bits in the book which touch on the mythology and describe events from that era are really striking in the way they fire up imagination. I could see the whole scene clearly. This book is action packed from start to finish with descriptive writing which let me taste the air in this story. It’s well thought out, never loses momentum and, as you can tell, I really loved it.”

Bodicia, A Woman’s Wisdom


“I finished the story with a smile on my face and questions in my mind, which as a writer is exactly what you want. It crossed genres, which I personally love, though for a writer it can be harder to market, but it works sooooo well. The concept was original and the characters interesting enough for me to invest strong emotions towards. Aphrodite is a fantastic and cleverly written villain, and probably my favourite character.”

Claire C Riley, Author (Limerence, Odium)


“And Aphrodite is where this tale really hits its stride. In this goddess, Mooney has managed to create a villain that the reader both immediately hates and yearns to learn more about.”

Adam Oster, Author (The Legend Of Buddy Hero, The Agora Files)


“Don’t wait too long! Go and get it. You won’t be disappointed with it.”

World Of Diversity Fiction