After The Tackle

A tackle on the rugby field has brought Garrett O’Mahony’s promising career to an end, and left him dealing with some home-truths. Coming out in a national newspaper, Garrett’s private life has become a public concern: and nobody is more concerned about his public and private lives than Garrett.

After an intimate night with his interviewer (and ex-roommate) Darren, Garrett finds himself lost, reviewing the mistakes of his past. Convinced that Darren was a mistake, the time has come for Garrett to catch up on life, his relationships and his sexuality.

A simple breakfast introduces Garrett to Nate, the ridiculously hot and brutally sarcastic barman who can read him like a book and he’s immediately smitten.

But how do you find and trust the people around you when you haven’t been trusting yourself?

Tackling The Issue took a look at gay sex and relationships in modern Ireland. For After The Tackle, Ken Mooney tells Garrett’s side of the story, revealing what happened next and wondering if there really is such thing as a ‘happy ending.’

After The Tackle continues the gay and M/M romance as a direct sequel to “Tackling The Issue” and is a short novella that can be read separately.

After The TackleĀ is available now



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