Trust Issues

Trust Issues is a collection of works that I’ve produced over the years and decided to collect in one place.

Horror is a powerful way of analysing human emotion: anger, fear, addiction, resentment. Even arousal. These are stories with common themes and issues, those of trust, hope, promises, and what ultimately happens when all those nice fluffy, positive things are broken.

Resident’s Bar, the broken truths of past infidelities that breaks a family apart;

88 Steps, a tale of addiction and the lies that go along with it;

The Shortest Night, embracing new members into your family, for better, for worse and ‘til death will you part;

Black + White: A Picture Of Gray: a short piece about abandonment, inspired by Oscar Wilde;

and Worship, a completely new work about betrayal and the anger it causes, addressing sex and sexuality alongside the fears and joys that go along with it.

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