The Last Olympiad

The Last Olympiad are a series of novels bringing the Greek gods to life in the present day and tracing their stories history. The first book, Godhead, was published in 2013; the second novel, The Hades Contract is due in early 2015.


dfw-km-thc-cover-largeStories From The Last Olympiad

Taking place in the same world as The Last Olympiad, Stories From The Last Olympiad are a series of short works that take place around the events of the novel; they are like deleted scenes from the novels.

Each Story From The Last Olympiad was written for a specific purpose, and many have been written as guest-posts or stories for other writers.

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 Tackling The Issue

Initially written as a study in gay sex and sexuality, Tackling The Issue turned into a different type of story when one of its lead characters turned into  a horrible, bigoted and ultimately broken man.

The book is a short look at  body-image (and body-shaming), anger, depression, sexual expectations and internalised homophobia in the LGBTQ community with a specific focus on life in Ireland after the Marriage Equality referendum of 2015.

Tackling The Issue