The Last Olympiad

The Last Olympiad are a series of novels bringing the Greek gods to life in the present day and tracing their history. The first book, Godhead, was published in 2013; the second novel, The Hades Contract is due in early 2015. The third book, Kaos Theoryis due in 2018.




Stories From The Last Olympiad

Taking place in the same world as The Last Olympiad, Stories From The Last Olympiad are a series of short works that take place around the events of the novels, like deleted scenes and bonus background.

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Queer Fiction

Initially written as a study in gay sex and sexuality, Tackling The Issue turned into a different type of story when one of its lead characters turned into  a horrible, bigoted and ultimately broken man.

The second book, After The Tackle, is a more traditional gay romance.

Tackling The Issue


Trust Issues

A collection of short stories originally published separately addressing trust, hope, promises, and what ultimately happens when all those nice fluffy, positive things are broken.