Author Services

Publishing is a tricky business. Need a hand?

In addition to publishing two novels, two non-fiction book and contributing to a number of anthologies and smaller works, Ken has over ten years experience working in marketing, market-research and advertising.

Bringing both of those worlds together, Ken offers his services to other writers, authors and people involved in the industry, or eager to learn more about it.

All services are on an ad-hoc, as-required basis and specialised for your specific market and needs.

Services include:

  • Book Blurbs
  • Marketing Advice
  • Social Media
  • Website Management
  • Story Editing
  • Line Editing
  • Copy Editing
  • Covers & Visual Media

Please note, all services are based on personal experience of the publishing and connected industries, and something that works for one individual or market may not work for all. Availability is based on your specific needs and workload at any given time.

For more information, leave a message, contact Ken on Twitter (@kenmooney) or send an e-mail to