Other Works

I have been lucky enough to contribute to a number of anthologies and co-operative works with  some amazing writers.

The Dark Carnival


A collection of short stories from Pen & Muse Press as Halloween treats, the Dark Carnival was collected in e-book in 2014/ My story, Meat Is Murder, is a Lovecraftian take on cannibalism…with a little twist.

The Dark Carnival is available now on Amazon Kindle.

The Faces Of The Crying Girl


An anthology for writers with a shared love of music (and a very specific type of music too), The Faces Of The Crying Girl takes an original story and brings us in the directions that our own creativity brought us. My story, Smoke Break, is a tribute to the smoking areas at your favourite trash-metal dive-venue.

The Faces Of The Crying Girl is available now on Amazon Kindle.