Ken Mooney was born in Dublin, Ireland and still lives there. From an early age, he wanted to be an author or a writer, going all the way back to when he would write continuations of his favourite TV shows, films and comics: it’s too embarrassing to discuss the contents here and now.

Ken attended Trinity College Dublin where he studied English, furthering his love of genre fiction and the act of storytelling. A variety of desk jobs helped to pay the bills, but Ken was always found tapping away at a keyboard, and just couldn’t get certain ideas out of his head.

Godhead was one of those ideas; it was originally written nearly fifteen years ago. Like most things, it’s changed significantly since then, but the bare bones are still there. What it’s turned into, however, is something completely different.

Ken has previously worked in the TV advertising industry , and when not writing or working, he can usually be found reading all sorts of literature or comics, playing video games, watching TV or movies…and then arguing over their literary merit (or lack thereof.)

Ken previously ran the entertainment website BurnAllZombies.com, currently blogs at BraveGods.com and can be found on various social media using the links up the top right of this page.